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We Are The ATU

The Amalgamated Transit Union – the largest labor union representing transit and allied workers in the U.S. and Canada – fights for the interests of its hard-working members and promotes mass transit. Founded in 1892, the ATU today is comprised of more than 200,000 members, including: metropolitan, interstate, and school bus drivers; paratransit, light rail, subway, streetcar, and ferry boat operators; mechanics and other maintenance workers; station agents, clerks, baggage handlers, municipal employees and others.

ATU Locals

ATU Locals are there to help you at the grassroots level. It's people who work where you work and live where you live. Local leadership knows your workplace culture and issues. They are the eyes and ears of the Union. If you need advice about your workplace or want to get involved with fighting for your rights on the job, we encourage you to contact your Local.


In Transit Magazine
NOT ONE MORE! ATU Intensifies Our Demands to Protect Our Members From Increasing Violence and Attacks

Change does not come easy for everyone. Just ask your boss.

As a result of the new bipartisan infrastructure bill signed by U.S. President Joe Biden, transit general managers now have to get the Union’s approval before submitting safety plans to the federal government. And they are not happy about it at all.

Dozens and dozens of transit systems failed to form labor-management safety committees by the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) July deadline last year, and even more didn’t turn in an updated safety plan.


As transit workers, our raises, benefits, and job security all depend on politics. The public budgets that fund transit systems across the country determine how big the pot is when we are negotiating our contracts, and whether our union can win big pay increases or whether we are fighting for scraps. When politicians have our back, they work to pass laws to keep us safe on the job and keep our transit systems running.