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ATU Celebrates Pride Month

Michael Cornelius, ATU International Vice President

Brother Michael Cornelius became a member of Local 1433-Phoenix, AZ,in 2000 when he was hired as a bus operator for Phoenix Transit, now Valley Metro. With the desire to become more involved, he rose through the ranks, serving as a Shop Steward, the Local’s Recording Secretary,an Executive Board member, and Vice President. In 2012, he waselected Financial Secretary and helped lead the Local to financialstability. In 2017, Cornelius was appointed Joint Industry Council Coordinator by the late International President Larry Hanley andhelped establish the JIC. Recognizing his talents and success withour Locals, International President John Costa, in January 2020,appointed him as an International Representative where he played an important role for our Locals across the Western states in negotiations, contract campaigns, and other issues. On April 18, 2024, Costaappointed Brother Cornelius as an International Vice President.As an out member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Corneliusfights passionately for equality and justice for all workers,making a positive impact on our Union, includingcontributing to ATU’s history by lending his supportto the formation of ATU’s Pride Caucus. We’re proudto call Brother Cornelius a member of our ATU family.

Emily Groom - Local 107-Hamilton, ON

Sister Emily Groom joined Local 107-Hamilton, ON, as a Hamilton Street Railway Company (HSR) Transit Operator in June 2018. Sheproudly serves as Co-Chair of ATU Canada's Equity & Inclusion Committee. Sister Groom has been part of 2SLGBTQIA+ advocacyand organizing in Hamilton for more than 15 years. Sister Groomis also a founding member of the Women and Liminal Committee,a past board member of Hamilton Pride Festival Inc., a board member and group facilitator for Hamilton's 2SLGBTQIA+ CommunityWellness Centre, and the owner and operator of the nowclosed Steel Lounge, one of Hamilton's lost queer-owned, queer-centering bar and event spaces. A student of theentwined history of organized labour, the 2SLGBTQAI+community, and activism, Sister Groom believes inthe power of the labour movement in securing rightsfor all workers and its role as a leader for diversity,equity, and inclusion in our working environments.She lives in Hamilton with her partner, their twodaughters, and two dogs. We applaud SisterGroom for her work to promote tolerance andacceptance of all people, regardless of theirgender or sexual orientation, in her Local,our Union, and the community.

Crystal McGee Lee Local 256- Sacramento, CA

Local 256-Sacramento, CA, Sister Crystal McGee Lee, is the firstAfrican American Lesbian Local President/Business Agent in theATU.  Sister McGee Lee joined Sacramento Regional Transit as aBus Operator in 2003 and quickly moved up the leadershipranks in the Local. She was elected to the Executive Board onlya year and a half after joining her Local. Sister McGee Lee servedas Recording Secretary and Vice President before being electedas President/Business Agent of the Local in 2023. As an advocatefor the fair treatment of all people regardless of their genderor sexual orientation, she is the Vice President of the ATUInternational Pride Caucus. A former professional basketballplayer, a deacon at the Integrated Spiritual Center,and proud member of the Alpha Upsilon OmegaFraternity, Sister McGee Lee prides herself onrepresenting her Local, and our Unionto promote the values of ourhardworking members eachand every day.