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The Amalgamated Transit Union is lead by an International President, International Executive Vice President, an International Secretary-Treasurer, and 18 International Vice Presidents who form its General Executive Board.

All of these international officers are elected by the ATU's triennial International Convention. In addition to these elected by the Convention, the International employs International Representatives who, like the International Vice Presidents, do much of the International's work throughout the United States and Canada. Delegates of the ATU Canada convention also elect a President of ATU Canada to focus specifically on Canadian concerns and work with ATU International.

International Vice Presidents & General Executive Board



Headshot of GARY JOHNSON, SR.


Headshot of Michelle Sommers

Michelle Sommers

Headshot of James Lindsay

James Lindsay

Headshot of Emanuele (Manny) Sforza

Emanuele (Manny) Sforza

Headshot of John Callahan

John Callahan

Headshot of Curtis Howard

Curtis Howard

Headshot of Natalie Cruz

Natalie Cruz

Headshot of Anthony Garland

Anthony Garland

Headshot of Raymond Greaves

Raymond Greaves

Headshot of Stephan MacDougall

Stephan MacDougall

Headshot of Kenneth E. Wilson

Kenneth E. Wilson

Headshot of Amanda Sawyer-Turner

Amanda Sawyer-Turner

Headshot of Arturo Aguilar

Arturo Aguilar

Headshot of Jacques Chapman

Jacques Chapman

Headshot of Mark Henry

Mark Henry

Headshot of Kenneth Day

Kenneth Day

Headshot of Michael Cornelius

Michael Cornelius

International Representatives

Headshot of  Mike Harms

Mike Harms