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For Members

Welcome to the ATU family! The ATU is committed to improving the lives of our members each and every day. From benefits negotiated in your contract to education and training, the benefits of being an ATU member go beyond the workplace. Below you’ll find various benefits and resources that we hope will help make a difference in your life.

Member Benefits and Resources

A wide variety of benefits have been made available through the Amalgamated Transit Union. Additional information may be obtained on these various programs by clicking below.

Education & Training

ATU is committed to empowering rank and file members through education and training programs that teach the skills, strategies, and tactics to win at the bargaining table, in public campaigns, and in the halls of government. ATU training programs teach members how to fight for dignity and justice on the job and in our communities by educating members about their rights at work and how to resist employer attacks on wages, benefits and working conditions.