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Member Benefits & Resources

The following benefits have been made available through the Amalgamated Transit Union. Additional information may be obtained on these various programs by contacting your local union officers or the International office at:

Amalgamated Transit Union, AFL-CIO/CLC
10000 New Hampshire Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20903
tel: 301-431-7100
toll-free: 888-240-1196

Grievance Handling

The ATU represents its bargaining unit employees in disputes with their employers in matters of discipline or unfair treatment on the job. The Union regularly secures back pay awards for employees who have been unjustly fired from their jobs. Well-trained local union officers help ensure our contracts are faithfully implemented and our bargaining units' rights are protected.

In Transit Magazine

The ATU distributes a bi-monthly magazine, In Transit, an official publication which provides important information about the Union and related events in Congress, Parliament, and the transit industry.

ATU Dispatch

The ATU sends out a weekly e-newsletter, the ATU Dispatch, on the latest ATU, and industry news, legislative and political information and other important issues in the U.S., Canada, and the world to keep members updated and informed so that they can take action to protect and extend the rights of working people in the U.S. and Canada.

Training and Education

The ATU is at the forefront of the Labor Movement in terms of training and education in both the U.S. and Canada. Innovative education programs are regularly offered on a wide variety of issues including rider coalition building, community and political action, arbitration techniques, collective bargaining, local union financial administration, grievance administration, leadership training for officers, organizing, health and safety, and women's issues – as well as legislative and political programs.

Government Affairs

The ATU International maintains a full-time legislative program, which, in conjunction with local unions and members, lobbies Congress and state legislatures to promote the interests of our members.


The ATU conducts yearly nationwide fundraising to support its ATU Committee on Political Education, which makes contributions on a bi-partisan basis to the campaigns of local and national candidates for public office in the U.S. who are supportive of our values on labor and transportation issues.

Organizing Program

The ATU has full-time organizers on its staff who respond to requests from those interested in organizing their workplace.

Funeral Benefits

The ATU maintains a historic funeral benefit program to help with funeral expenses.

ATU Scholarship Program

The ATU offers an annual scholarship competition to union members and their dependents in order to further the education of those who have an active awareness of union issues.

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The ATU conducts annual fundraising drives in the U.S. and Canada to fund research to combat the disease of multiple sclerosis.

FHE Health

Photo for FHE Health

The ATU is now partnering with FHE Health to assist members and their families when they find themselves dealing with a drug or alcohol problem or other untreated mental health issue.

FHE Health is a nationally recognized, dually accredited behavioral health treatment facility that offers the highest quality of care. Since opening nearly 20 years ago, their mission has been to provide safe, effective, medically integrated behavioral healthcare to empower their clients and their families to live loving and inspired lives.

With over 20 years of assisting union members and their families when they are struggling with behavioral health or addiction issues FHE Health understands that the next choice is vital.

Stress and anxiety in the workplace is real and it is FHE Health’s goal to offer Union members confidential assistance 24 hours a day seven days a week.

FHE Health works in conjunction with Unions to protect your job and your LIFE!

If you find yourself in a pattern of progressive discipline at work, you may have underlying behavioral health issues and there are federal laws that may be able to protect you.

Due to the universal publicly funded healthcare system in Canada, our members may not have full access to the program at FHE HEATH.  We are working with FHE Health and ATU Canada to identify resources in Provinces for our Canadian members.

Call for 24/7 CONFIDENTIAL Assistance (866) 276-1610 or visit the FHE Health website  

CrossCountry Mortgage - Affinity Lending

Photo for CrossCountry Mortgage

The ATU and CrossCountry have partnered to make the American dream of home ownership more affordable.

CCM is a national lender focusing on home loans. As a servicer and lender in all 50 States, CCM has the advantage of dealing directly with consumers and makes decisions on behalf of all Government Agencies, and sponsored enterprises. This makes for expanded qualifications. For example, lending to borrowers with credit scores as low as 520 when most lenders will only go to 640.

CCM offers exclusive lending options for; Purchase, Refinance, Primary, Secondary (vacation)Residences, and Investment Properties. Renovation loans, Construction loans, Home Equity loans, Home Equity Conversion Loans, State Grants, Community grants (down payment assistance), Reduced income qualification loans.

The affinity lending department at CCM administers all of the exclusive savings to union members. With the members in mind, savings is at the forefront. CCM waives all administrative bank fees, saving members thousands on closing costs. Adjustments to interest rates based on credit score, down payment, and other risk factors are managed to make rates more competitive.

Please contact the CCM Affinity Lending Group to discuss member exclusive programs and benefits.


(833) 724-8700



The AFL-CIO created Union Plus in 1986 to provide valuable consumer benefits to union members and their families, and union retirees. Head to, create a profile, and browse union-exclusive benefits like these:

Wireless Savings

With the AT&T wireless discounts through Union Plus, ATU members save 15% on the monthly service charge of qualified wireless plans and 20% off select accessories from AT&T. AT&T is the ONLY nationwide unionized wireless carrier.

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Credit Card

Get the card built on the legacy of hard work of ATU members like you. The Union Plus Credit Card Program is issued by Capital One and is designed to meet the needs of union members and their families.

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You’ve earned those vacation days! Get the most out of them with your ATU savings with Union Plus. ATU members can find hundreds of savings, from flights, hotels, car rentals, activities and more.

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Buy your next home with a Union Plus mortgage, designed with ATU members in mind. When times get tough, eligible ATU members with a Union Plus Mortgage may qualify for interest-free loans and grants.

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Auto Services

From rebates when you buy a new union-made car to savings on insurance, Union Plus is the right place to get a great deal for your auto needs. Save money on your next union-made car, auto insurance plan, set of tires, and more!

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What are your insurance needs? Whatever they may be, you can get a great deal with Union Plus. As an ATU member, save on Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Life Insurance, AD&D Insurance, Retiree Health Insurance, and more.

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