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The VOICE of Transit Workers

As a transit worker, school bus employee or over-the-road bus worker, your job, wages and working conditions are directly linked to politics. Representatives in federal, state and local government make crucial decisions every day that determine the amount of funding available to your transit system or school district, the safety and security requirements at your workplace, your bargaining rights, and more.

2018 Election is Critical

The 2018 midterm election is the most important election in history for ATU members, working families and all unions. We are constantly under attack from elected officials who want to privatize our jobs and take away our collective bargaining rights and pensions. In this election we will be electing a  Congress, State Legislators, Governors and other many elected officials, so we can have a real impact on our future.

As the largest transit worker Political Action Committee (PAC) in the United States, ATU-COPE is the voice of transit workers, school bus employees and over-the-road bus workers at all levels of government. Since by law, union dues cannot be used to fund political campaigns, voluntary member contributions to ATU-COPE are used to help elect pro-labor, pro-transit candidates for local, state and federal office and then hold them accountable once they are elected.

Contributing to ATU-COPE is easy

If your Local has a checkoff provision in its contract, contact your Local for a Checkoff Authorization Card to voluntarily authorize your employer to deduct an amount you specify from your pay each month for ATU-COPE.

If you contribute now, thank you. Please consider increasing your contribution.

If you don’t participate, this is ideal time to begin.

Every dollar helps!