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“ONE FARE“ sounds great but it Fails to deliver a Fair Deal for Municipalities and Transit Agencies

TORONTO-ON, February 6, 2024 – While the Amalgamated Transit Union Canada welcomes the Ford Government’s recent announcement of a “One Fare“ system for public transit, our enthusiasm is tempered by the realization that this plan creates a significant gap in operating funding for Municipalities and Transit Agencies.

The ATU has long advocated for safe, reliable, accessible, and AFFORDABLE transit – and our position has not changed. Given the current affordability crisis upon us, any opportunity for riders to save money is welcome. The ATU has also advocated to get more cars off the road and more people into transit vehicles to help tackle the climate crisis.

“The implementation of ONE FARE does not address the urgent need for dedicated Operational funding to sustain and help bail out Municipalities' transit budgetary deficits, nor does it deal with reduced service, cancellations, accessibility issues, and Driver recruitment and retention,“ says ATU Canada President John Di Nino.

ATU Local 113 President Marvin Alfred said in a statement “the sustainability of public transit remains at risk and we should all be concerned that without operational funding, the City of Toronto Taxpayers will have to pay for the brunt of this miscalculated decision.”

ATU International President John A Costa said “While this is good news for riders, we also need to keep our systems running – and the reality is Canada’s transit systems are underfunded. Provinces and the federal government must step up a do their part to invest money in the operations to maintain service levels and enhance frequency to existing lines. Canadians deserve robust and affordable public transit.”

Additionally, the ATU expresses disappointment in not being consulted on decisions related to the "One Fare" system, crossboundary service implementation, integrated transit options, and fare revenue distribution models. This lack of consultation hampers the ability to understand the real revenue costs and financial implications that may be incurred by transit providers.

In conclusion, while supporting the aim of making transit more affordable for riders, the ATU urges a collaborative approach that addresses the pressing need for operational funding to ensure the sustainability and vitality of public transit systems across the country. Consultation with transit unions is vital for developing comprehensive solutions that benefit both riders and the agencies responsible for providing essential transit services.


Issued by the ATU and GTA Locals.
John Di Nino, ATU Canada President
John A. Costa, ATU International President
Marvin Alfred, ATU 113 President
Jack Jackson, ATU 1572 President
Andrew Salabie, ATU 1573 President
Rob Cormier, ATU 1587 President