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Workers at Transit Windsor give 72-hour Strike Notice as Negotiations Stall between Union and Employer

WINDSOR, ON – After months of negotiations with Transit Windsor, the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 616 representing almost 300 workers of Transit Windsor gives 72-hour advance strike notice to the public. 

ATU members are absolutely committed to serving our passengers and never want to withdraw our services as we know that would have a devastating impact on our many riders who depend on us. The Union will keep working with the City’s negotiating team throughout the weekend up to the deadline on Sunday. However, if a deal is not reached by then – there will be a strike effective 12:01 am on Monday, January 15th.

The Union is seeking fair wages that keep pace with inflation and improved working conditions, but the parties remain miles apart.  The ATU is extremely disappointed that negotiations have been unproductive and have dragged on for several months which is a waste of taxpayers’ money. 

“Over a year ago, the federal government legislated that all federal employees are to receive 10 paid sick days per year, and workers of Transit Windsor are federal employees. Why would Transit Windsor now expect transit workers to pay for these sick days by taking it off their wages. It’s beyond me. How is that fair?“ says Manny Sforza, ATU International Vice President.  

"Why would the City of Windsor not ask the federal government for support, if needed, like other cities have done?” continued Sforza.

We want the public to know that we take pride in serving our communities and keeping our city moving, but if the City is not willing to negotiate a fair contract – they leave us no choice but to take strike action. 

ATU International President John Costa has expressed his anger and frustration over Transit Windsor’s failure to recognize the value of frontline transit professionals in collective bargaining.

“They called us heroes during the pandemic and now have zero interest in delivering fair compensation to public transit workers,” said ATU International President John Costa. “Our Local 616 Transit Windsor members have the full support of our membership across Canada and the U.S.”

The ATU is asking for the public to support their frontline transit workers – as everyone deserves to earn a living wage and should have the right to take sick days when they are sick.

“We will urge our passengers and taxpayers to reach out to their councillors and demand a fair deal for frontline transit workers that keeps pace with inflation and protects their rights as federal employees,” concluded Sforza.