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ATU Condemns Fatal Gwinnett County Transit Bus Hijacking by Rider with Gun

Union Blasts Transit Agency for Failure to Protect Our Members and Riders

Media Contact: David Roscow, 202-487-4990


Atlanta, GA – After today’s fatal hijacking of Gwinnett County Transit bus by a rider with a gun, the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) International and ATU Local 732-Atlanta, GA, are blasting the transit agency for failing to provide better protection and safety measures for transit workers and riders.

“I want to express our deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to the family and the loved ones of the passenger killed by a disgruntled rider who hijacked a Gwinnett County Transit bus this afternoon,” said Local 732 President/Business Agent Britt Dunams. “The scourge of violence on Gwinnett County Transit and MARTA has gotten out of control and must be stopped. It’s time for our transit agencies to better protect our members and riders.”

This afternoon, a man with a gun got on a Gwinnett County Transit bus and threatened riders. He then hijacked the bus and led police on a chase over busy rush hour roads, at one point driving into oncoming traffic before coming to a stop on the side of a road, police say. The bus hit several vehicles during the pursuit. Reports say the police captured a suspect, who is in custody. Unfortunately, there is an epidemic of violence and assaults on public transit across North America.

“Today’s bus hijacking in Atlanta killing an innocent rider is not an isolated incident. Not a day goes by that we don’t hear a story of one of our members or riders being attacked. They get punched, shot, stabbed, and spit on. We have had senior citizens robbed for pocket change and women sexually assaulted,” said ATU International President John Costa. “Transit workers cannot do their job, and passengers cannot travel on public transportation in fear of being attacked and assaulted.”