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ATU: SCOTUS Teamsters Ruling is An Attack on All Workers

Statement from ATU International President John Costa on the Supreme Court’s ruling in Glacier Northwest Inc. v. International Brotherhood of Teamsters:

“The Supreme Court has once again put corporations first over working people who are the backbone of our country. For nearly 100 years, the right of workers to strike for better wages, hours, and working conditions has been the law of the land. This ruling was a step back and an attack on all working people. However, when this case is sent back this strike and actions by our fellow Union members at the Teamsters at Glacier Northwest, Inc, should be found to be protected by federal law.

“As the ATU knows well with our successful strikes at Loudoun County Transit, Dalton, Georgia, Public School Bus workers, the DC Circulator, and others, strikes are powerful tools. Used only as a last resort, strikes aren’t just about workers fighting for their rights and benefits, they’re about fighting for justice and fairness and inspire social change. Strikes remind us that the value of labor can’t be measured by profits alone but by the dignity and well-being of those who do the work.

“This shameful ruling will only embolden all working people to come together even stronger and take collective action to stand up to the corporations who want to take away our rights and knock us down.”