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ATU Local 1320-Peterbough, ON, Reaches Tentative Deal with Peterborough Transit

Strike on Hold Pending Ratification Vote on Saturday

Peterborough, ON – After a strike threat and other actions, Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1320-Peterborough, ON, has reached a tentative agreement with Peterborough Transit.  

The Local members are expected to vote on the deal at a ratification meeting to be held tomorrow, Saturday, November 18. If the membership turns down the offer, the Union will proceed with a strike on Monday, November 20. The details of the agreement will not be shared with the media or public until it is presented to the Union’s membership.

“I am pleased to announce that after long negotiations and unwavering solidarity from our members, we have reached a tentative agreement that not only honors the hard work and dedication of our workforce but also sets a benchmark for fair and equitable treatment,” said Local 1320 President/Business Agent Cory MacLeod. “Thank you to everyone who supported us during these negotiations. This agreement is a testament to the power of collective bargaining and the unity of our members.”

Both sides had been negotiating since May, and contract talks broke down mid-September, with members voting 99 percent in favour of a strike mandate. Local 1320 represents 103 full-time staff and 20 part-time employees at Peterborough Transit, which moves nearly 4 million passengers a year.

“This agreement, along with the recent deal for our Local 107-Hamilton, ON, members, represents our efforts to ensure that transit workers across Canada are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve,” said ATU International President John Costa. “Our members in Peterborough and Hamilton move millions of people each year, they worked through a pandemic, they were heroes on the frontlines. Their contracts value the many contributions and sacrifices our members make. Thank you for standing together in your willingness to bravely go on strike. Your strength and solidarity resulted in not only good contracts but also stronger, better transit in Peterborough and Hamilton.”