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FAX Workers Reach Deal with City and Ratify Contract, Averting Strike

Union and City negotiated until early morning to reach contract


Fresno, CA – Just hours from a potential strike that would have disrupted transportation across the Fresno area, Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1027 members voted to ratify a contract with the City of Fresno. The Union and the City reached an agreement after marathon contract talks.

On Friday, the members gave a 48-hour strike notice at a press conference at Fresno City Hall. The workers then mobilized Friday and Saturday distributing leaflets to riders and the public, generating dozens of calls from angry riders to Mayor Jerry Dyer. That pressure led to the contract talks between the Local and the City that went until early this morning to reach the deal meeting the workers’ common sense demands regarding overtime and video surveillance.

“This is a big win for respect and dignity on the job for our members and all workers. Our members have put their lives and those of our families on the line every day to keep this service running, to get our passengers across Fresno where they need to go safely since the pandemic began,” said ATU Local 1027 President Luis Montoya. “This contract recognizes their commitment and dedication with decent living wages and fair overtime pay without being subject to unreasonable video surveillance.”

The ratified contract includes pay increases for FAX workers and other improvements. Through their threat of a strike and a pressure campaign, the Local also secured critical provisions on overtime and video surveillance of onboard cameras. The workers will receive overtime pay after 8 hours of work in a day and are guaranteed overtime on days 6 and 7.  With surveillance of onboard video camera footage, management can only view onboard video camera footage 30 minutes before and after an incident.

“The solidarity and unity of our members at Local 1027 in their fight for a fair and just contract was a victory for fair treatment on the job, living wages, and for our riders,” said ATU International President John Costa. “I am proud of these workers for standing strong and standing together. Thanks to their strength and determination, they not only won a fair contract, but the respect and dignity they deserve as frontline heroes throughout the pandemic. Let this be a message that workers are sick and tired of being mistreated, disrespected, overworked, and underpaid.”

ATU 1027 represents more than 500 bus operators who transport thousands of riders across the Fresno, CA area.