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Welcome to the ATU Family: Our Union Is Growing

Our members continue to face daily economic and political attacks on their wages and working conditions. Our Union is their last defense. When we organize new workers into our ATU family, it grows our collective voice. This collective voice empowers us to negotiate better working conditions, fair wages, and improved benefits for our members. By uniting our voices, we can finally put an end to power imbalances on the job, making our workplaces safer and more secure and advancing the needs of our members and their families.

Organizing the unorganized is the foundation of the labor movement. With millions of unorganized workers across North America, the future of the working class and the very existence of labor unions depends on us continuing to build power together. That’s why the ATU has dedicated its time and resources to grow our ranks. Below are some successful organizing campaigns our Locals have waged to bring new members into our ATU family.


Canada Strong

In Canada, Local 569-Edmonton, AB, organized 115 transit operators in Strathcona County, Alberta. These workers joined with our Local 569 to fight incredibly hard for ATU recognition as Strathcona County Transit management fought to try to stop the workers by using misinformation, deception, and union-busting tactics. As always, truth and justice were on the side of the workers, as they stayed strong and unified and voted to join the ATU.

At Local 1775-Barrie, ON, workers at Simcoe Linx, employed by First Canada, also fought to join the ATU. These newest members of our Union displayed tremendous solidarity by insisting that all job classes—maintenance, dispatchers, bus washers, and operators — be part of our Union, and they fight as one ATU for better standards and fair conditions.


Silver State Transportation

In a resounding display of unity and determination, workers at Silver State Transportation in Las Vegas, NV, made a historic decision to join our Local 1637-Las Vegas, NV, voting in favor by an overwhelming 5-to-1 margin. This momentous achievement marks a significant milestone for the 75 individuals comprising this unit, who have endured years of exploitation at the hands of their employers.

Remarkably, these dedicated workers had labored on the property for an astounding 15 years without the protective umbrella of ATU representation. Through a successful organizing campaign, the workers were educated about the invaluable benefits of joining a union and the procedural steps involved.

Currently, the Local is in the process of negotiating its first Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), an essential step towards securing fair wages, improved working conditions, and enhanced rights for Silver State workers.

These momentous organizing victories stand as a testament to the power of unity and collective action as these workers embark on a new chapter toward a brighter and more equitable future.


Commitment to the ATU Cause

“Despite facing intimidation and threats from their employers, all these courageous workers stood their ground and exercised their fundamental right to have a voice in their workplace,” said International President John Costa. “Through their votes, they resoundingly declared their commitment to the ATU cause. We welcome them to our ATU family!”