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Knowledge Is Power

Each year, we grow, we learn, and we change. Our world and each one of us is evolving, and so must our Union. We must continue to adapt and innovate in new ways to fight for the rights and well-being of our members.


Tomorrow Is Already Here

We’re in the dawn of the age of AI; micro transit is growing; more transit agencies are buying electric buses; there’s a continued onslaught of assaults on our members; bad anti-union legislation is being passed, and it’s becoming harder, not easier, for workers to organize. Long story short, we’re in for a fight. But that’s what the ATU does best.

You are on the frontlines of these fights every single day as members of your Locals. We can see the impacts our Union has on our lives outside of work too. Your ability to have healthcare, take time off, take care of your family, and retire with dignity are all obtainable through your Union card. Our Union is a family. Whether you’re a Shop Steward or a Union Officer or a rank and file member, attend membership meetings, become a mentor or a mentee, rock an ATU t-shirt, or walk a picket line, however, you show your ATU pride, thank you. Each one of us plays an integral role in shaping our shared future by taking on these fights together.

The more the world knows that none of us fights alone, we can ensure that we will not be left behind. When we fight together, we can ensure that our members are treated with dignity and respect on the job through a strong union contract with the pay and benefits you need not just to survive but to thrive.


Advancing Careers and Lives

I’ve made it my priority at the International to continuously offer learning experiences for our members and leaders. We’re proud to facilitate the advancement of our members through innovative apprenticeship and mentorship programs and ATU International trainings across North America. From Stewards to New Officer and other trainings, we are teaching critical skills, including safety, contracts, political action, legal, communications, and organizing. Our Union is leading the charge when it comes to keeping our members educated and informed about the latest tactics to fight for and win a more just world.

Knowledge is power. Through mentorships and apprenticeships, ATU is proud to carry on the union tradition of taking already great people and challenging them to be even better. That’s why when I heard about the great apprenticeship and mentorship programs at Local 1070-Indianapolis, IN, along with IndyGo and Ivy Tech Community College, I had to check it out for myself. I could see the pride and commitment of our members who are part of the program. I also saw how these programs are changing the lives of our members while helping to address the shortage of workers at IndyGo. Make no mistake, these programs work because we are at the table to create them. Our members know the jobs better than anyone else. I look forward to even more partnerships across North America, solidifying the ATU’s standing as a leader when it comes to apprenticeships and mentorships.

To our mentors and trainers and anyone else working to uplift others, your experience matters. Your knowledge is invaluable. To our mentees and apprentices, your willingness to learn from those who came before you is inspiring. We are all cheering you on and believe in your ability to do amazing things. Thank you to every single ATU member who has decided to make an impact on other people’s lives through education.

I also recently kicked off our revamped Shop Stewards training in Mystic, Connecticut, and Louisville, Kentucky. Union Stewards are the protectors of workplace justice. You are leaders and advocates for your fellow workers by upholding your union contract. You are problem solvers, educators, communicators, and organizers. You do it all. It was my honor to meet so many of you and witness your passion in action, learning to become more effective Union Stewards. I’m committed to continuing to facilitate these regional trainings, and with each one, we will continue to learn and grow and become a stronger, more unified force for change.


Learning Without Action Is Nothing

Saying all of this, you can’t have learning without action. Yes, know your contract. Know your bylaws. Know your history. But then you have to take what you learn to your shop floors, the bargaining table, and out into the community to organize and build power for our collective cause. Through these pathways, we can build a better world for our members that honors our past and the sacrifices of those who came before us and promises a brighter future for us all.

There’s so much you can do to make what we learn together a reality. Maybe it’s supporting an organizing drive for workers who want to join the ATU family, like at Locals 569-Edmonton, ON, 1775-Barrie, ON, and 1637-Las Vegas, NV. Maybe it’s voting for a strike authorization to send a strong message to the company that we stand ready and united, like at Local 616-Windsor, ON, and Local 689-Washington, DC, or joining a picket line when the time comes to hit the streets.

I was also able to attend both the Northwest and New England Conference Board meetings in January, bringing Locals together from across the U.S. and Canada. ATU’s Conference Boards are powerful regional groups used to tackle the issues most important to our members. At these Conference Board meetings, we build solidarity by reporting back on the struggles and the victories at each of our Locals and, again, come together to learn through our innovative ATU International trainings. Each state has different lessons. Each Local, big, and small, is key to us building power. I’m with you at these Conference Board meetings to remind you that you have the full support of our International to continue this important work. Thank you to every Officer and member who brings their knowledge and experience to these Conference Boards. Your dedication to this Union motivates me every single day. 


ATU’s Legacy

I look forward to meeting and spending time with more of you on the road. This work isn’t easy, but I wake up every day feeling grateful to represent this mighty Union and fight alongside all of you. I’m relentlessly dedicated to the pursuit of greatness for the ATU. It’s what I live and breathe. Together, we’re building a legacy that all of us should be proud of. I look forward to continuing this journey of learning with you, facing challenges head-on, and celebrating victories as one ATU.