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Transit in North America

Despite our members’ dedication to their jobs, they deal with the same issues in public transit that exist in both countries represented by the ATU. Our members are being assaulted at an alarming rate throughout North America.

Local 1505-Winnipeg-MB, is on track to log another record-breaking year of violence on city buses, with 186 incidents recorded, as of June 30. Of those, 75 were assaults committed against transit staff. Our Local 113-Toronto, ON, is fighting the same battle with assaults on buses rampant.

As in the states, our agencies continue not to respond to violence on our buses. The ATU and its members are fighting by demanding that our elected officials and agencies address these critical issues. We ask that our workstations be safer and that our agencies and local authorities pursue and prosecute these assailants.

Despite the mental stress and trauma our members suffer, we continue each day serving the public. Recently, our Local 569-Edmonton, AB, Bus Operator, Sandeep Sharma was on the ball at work and identified a teenager who had been missing for more than two weeks. Sandeep’s quick action, coupled with rapid response from Transit Inspectors and Edmonton Police, meant the teenager was immediately recovered and returned to her family. “I noticed a familiar-looking female at the station,” said Sharma. “I double-checked my messages in the ATU message board and realized it was a missing youth.” We salute Brother Sharma for his quick action.

At the ATU, there are heroes all around us. I would like to applaud all the brave members who work daily to provide a service to the public regardless of the challenges. You are truly important to North America.