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U.S. Legislative Update: End of the Line?

Regular readers of this column know that we usually discuss the legislative and political issues that bring us together as transit workers or union members, like transportation funding, safety, and organizing. Today, let’s talk about what unites us as Americans. While some of us are Republicans and others are Democrats (or members of other parties), we are all fortunate to live in this great country, where democracy has been in place since 1776.


What’s at Stake? 

That’s what’s at stake in this year’s November elections. Sure, transit and labor policy will be affected by the results. Politics matters. It always does. But this year, it goes way beyond buses and trains. Have you seen some of the people running for the State Legislature, Governor, Secretary of State, U.S. Senate, and the House of Representatives? An alarming number of them continue to spread lies about the 2020 elections, trying to convince people that our system of government is rigged. Why do they do this? It’s all about power. They will say anything – no matter how false or outrageous the statement – to win.  

These candidates are playing a very dangerous game. If they secure positions of power in our government, future candidates who win elections fair and square will be denied entry to their duly elected offices -- on the outside looking in. Our society will be controlled by dictators who are not chosen by the people. We will be ruled by tyrants. 


Free and Fair Elections 

Just think for a moment about what would have happened in 2020 if there were just a few more election deniers in key positions throughout federal, state, and local government. Would our leaders today be the people that we fairly chose at the ballot box? Probably not. That’s about as scary as it gets.

So as you think about who to vote for in 2022 up and down the ballot, should you consider the candidates’ views on transit and labor issues? Absolutely. But first, make sure they support our democracy. If our form of government is no longer vested in the people and exercised by their elected representatives under a system of free and fair elections, we will have nothing left to fight for. As they say in the transit business, that would be the end of the line for all of us.