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Our Union is Growing and Winning! ATU by the Numbers

Winning Strong Contracts

The past three years have been banner years in securing and winning strong contracts. Below are some of the statistics of those victories, including increases in all work classifications.


ATU By the Numbers 

The International has played a key role in local campaigns since our last convention. These campaigns across North America involved a record number of members being involved and contacted, members trained, and successful wins. Below are some highlights.


Highlights of key campaigns:

Local 689-Washington, DC - Cinder Bed Road:
After 84 days on strike, Local 689 rolled back privatization of rail and bus in the national capital region.

Local 1756-Arcadia, CA - Foothill Transit:
Local 1756 members secured significant wage increases and limits on overtime work after a year and a half of intense actions.

Local 569-Edmonton, AB:
After pushing back against the City of Edmonton, Local 569 members stopped the contracting out of 100 cleaner jobs.

Local 587-Seattle, WA:
Local 587 waged an aggressive campaign to win raises and prevented 200 layoffs.