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Why Elections Matter

Some in our ranks don’t believe that politics and elections have much impact on our jobs, our Union, our industry, our families, and our communities. They believe, my vote doesn’t matter and won’t make a difference. Nothing could be further than the truth.

Case in point is a successful campaign by our Local 569-Edmonton, AB. For years, Local 569 had been trying to convince management at Edmonton Transit Service and the Regional Transit Commission that it would be in their best interest to involve our Local in planning discussions related to public transit – but they refused. Instead of working with our Local to plan better services, they treated us like the enemy. So Local President/Business Agent Steve Bradshaw and his Executive Board shifted their efforts to focus on elected officials.

In 2021, just ahead of the Edmonton Municipal Elections, ATU Canada President John Di Nino joined Local 569 at its Annual Strategic Planning Session in Alberta to facilitate brainstorming and planning discussions for this campaign focused on elected officials. The Local came out of the planning session, having identified nine progressive pro-transit candidates to endorse and mobilize to get them elected. Five endorsed candidates won, including the Mayor and four Councillors who are now looking out for Local 569’s interests.


Big News and Funding for Public Transit

After years of anti-transit councils, the new ATU-endorsed Edmonton Mayor and City Councillors are now looking for efficiencies and redirecting funds to services, including public transit to be invested in the following:


Gearing up for Provincial Elections

ATU Canada and our Locals in Alberta and Manitoba, are currently mobilizing in preparation for key provincial elections coming in May and October this year. This is a crucial and pivotal time for worker-driven elections in both provinces where the NDP are leading or in a tight race, and where every vote will count!

The May election in Alberta gives us the opportunity to re-elect an NDP government led by Rachel Notley, and in Manitoba, an NDP government led by Wab Kinew. Our Union remains committed to working closely with both provincial Federations of Labour, the NDP, and ATU Locals to mobilize, engage and “get out the vote” to win these elections. 

The ATU will be on the ground knocking on doors in each province. One vote at a time, one election at a time, and one province at a time is how we win progressive worker friendly governments that will help deliver the best possible results for workers, strong collective agreements for our members, and robust public transit for our riders.