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Save the Date: ATU International Women's Caucus Conference June 29-July 2, 2023

We are proud to announce that the ATU International Women’s Caucus Conference is back and shining bright for 2023! We are rebuilding our International caucus in 2023! So, we invite all our ATU Local women’s caucuses, Local union women’s committees, and Local union representatives to join us in Austin, Texas, June 29th - July 2nd, 2023, as we celebrate 37 years of representing the Women of the ATU!

This conference is dedicated to the art of rising and reaching to pull someone up with us. In 1986 International President James “Jimmy” La Sala, along with other officers and Local union leaders, saw the need and true worth of diversity within our Union. From that vision, the ATU International Women’s Caucus was formed and has assisted in the ATU becoming one of the most diverse unions with gender and ethnicity equality promoted and practiced throughout the United States and Canada for the betterment of the entire ATU! 

Look around at the growth of women within this great organization, and you will see the growth of our conference. Men are a welcomed part of our caucuses, and we are proud to have anyone interested in bringing resolutions to women’s issues.

Our Union has so much to offer and so much to be involved in, whether it’s assisting with the Committee on Political Education (COPE), voter registration, worker’s issue campaigns like the Fight for $15 or paid leave, attending our local district council meetings, company board meetings, participating in ALL union activities, becoming stewards, becoming activists, grievance writing, safety, and the list goes on and on. No we aren’t just cookie baking mamas but yes we can…we want to be recognized as the backbone of our Locals to make them stronger with our strength and ideas. 

This year we are celebrating our sister Janis Borchardt, retired International Vice President and one of the founding members of the ATU International Women’s Caucus. So, bring your confetti and cards to show her our love!

When putting together a conference, it’s always special if you have Local unions who are willing to assist in the effort. This year we are blessed to have Local 1091-Austin, TX, President Brent Payne, his leadership team, members, and their women’s caucus to make our conference great!


June 29 - July 2, 2023
Hilton Hotel Austin Texas Downtown 
500 East 4th Street
Austin, TX 78701

$179.00 single/double. 8.25 % tax & 17% occupancy tax. One (1) night deposit required to hold the reservation

NO BLOCK OF ROOMS HELD IN ONE NAME. (Each room must be booked in the occupant’s name) We will post the call in reservation number on our Facebook page!

Registration Fees for each person attending is $100. if participating in any of the events (dinners, lunches, banquets, or festivities, guests must be registered). Per Capita Fee: $20.

May 26, 2023, Final Cut off hotel date.

The registration form can be found on our Facebook Group @ATU International Women’s Conference, please be sure to carefully read them and follow the directions. We ask that you help us rebuild our contacts. Please provide the name, Local #, phone, and email for each attendee.

Any questions please contact:
Jackie Jeter, ATU IWC Chair

Elaine Vance, ATU IWC FST

Join our Facebook Group: @ATU International Women’s Conference

We welcome ALL active and retired ATU members! Hope to see you in Austin!