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ATU Northwest Conference Board Meets in Phoenix, Arizona

ATU’s Legislative Conference Boards exist across our Union to bring people together with the goal of educating and training ATU leaders and to share strategies and tactics to advance our Locals and fight for our members in each region. These boards can be a powerful force for change for our Union.

To start the year off, International President John Costa, and International Executive Vice President Yvette Trujillo attended the ATU Northwest Conference Board meeting in January chaired by Local 1433-Phoenix, AZ, President/Business Agent Bob Bean and attended by more than 25 Locals across our Union.

Costa addressed the Locals in attendance about the successes and the challenges of the last year and what’s on the horizon for the ATU in the year ahead. He discussed the strikes our Union has undertaken, including the ongoing Local 689-Washington, DC, strike in Loudoun County, Virginia, our Union’s initiatives on apprenticeships and workforce development, trainings to prepare our members for the transition to zero emission buses, contract fights, our push for protections to combat the epidemic of attacks on our members, and other important issues.

Also, in attendance addressing attendees were International Vice Presidents Jim Lindsay, John Callahan, and Art Aguilar along with International Representative Michael Cornelius. Thank you to everyone who attended the conference and for all the work you do all do for the ATU.