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In Loving Memory of Thomas Dunn

At an emotional memorial in Tampa, FL, for our fallen Local 1593 Brother Thomas Dunn, who tragically lost his life on May 18, 2019, the ATU, alongside Thomas’ family and the community, united to pay tribute to his memory by naming a road outside a HART facility “Thomas Dunn Way.”

“Every day, I get a call about another one of our operators getting assaulted. Thomas Dunn spoke about this. Thomas Dunn was concerned about this. Thomas Dunn brought it to the attention of not only the leaders at HART but also to the politicians. There is not a day that goes by that his name is not mentioned. Say his name, brothers, and sisters…Thomas Dunn,” said Costa in his remarks. “What he has sacrificed and the compassion for the job, caring about his community every day, working one of the hardest (bus) lines out there. He was a fighter and cared about his brothers and sisters in the Union, and he brought it to their attention. So, the leaders in the House, that get elected and want to make change, and do the right thing, remember Thomas Dunn, and remember these operators every day who are out there sacrificing their lives because they deserve to go home to their families at the end of the day.”

Dunn’s mother Diane, his father Michael, brother Michael Jr., and other family members attended the memorial, along with International Executive Vice President Yvette Trujillo, International Secretary-Treasurer Ken Kirk, International Vice Presidents Natalie Cruz and Curtis Howard, members of Local 1593, and Locals across Florida.


An Unsung Hero

Local 1593 President/Business Agent Latisha Jones also spoke, recalling Brother Dunn as an unsung hero and dedicated operator who spoke up for his fellow members. “Bus operators are those unsung heroes…we take their jobs for granted,” said Jones. “They keep the wheels of the bus going round and round. But sometimes they’re counselors that day. We’re teachers. Travel attendants. We are a lot of things. But I remember Thomas Dunn as one of the heroes who spoke up when he saw something. And because of what he did, the industry and the safety of transit operators have changed a lot.”

Thomas Dunn was a hero who embodied the essence of public service. He was an advocate who never shied away from speaking up for what was right. As a member of our Union, he stood in solidarity with his fellow workers, even traveling to Sarasota to defend their livelihoods against privatization threats.

As an Air Force Veteran, his instinct to protect and serve was ingrained in him. Even in his final moments, Thomas demonstrated extraordinary courage and selflessness by pulling his bus to safety, saving lives. In his memory, our Union remains steadfast in our mission to ensure that every member returns home safely to their loved ones. For Thomas, and for all those who dedicate their lives to public service, we carry on the fight.