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Collective Bargaining for the Common Good

Richmond, VA, Local 1220’s Historic Campaign to Organize CAT Workers Featured at UVA Exhibit

Following our Richmond, VA, Local 1220’s historic victory in Charlottesville, VA, to represent workers at Charlottesville Area Transit and Pupil Transportation (CAT), the University of Virginia (UVA) Library will be showcasing the Local’s campaign in a public exhibit “Collective Bargaining for the Common Good.”

The exhibit documents the fight to improve working conditions and restore Virginians’ right to form unions and bargain collectively. The exhibit, which documents two decades of labor unions in Charlottesville, was curated by eight first-year UVA students in collaboration with community advisors from the ATU and the three other unions whose histories are examined in the exhibition.


History in the Making

Last year, through an aggressive campaign, our Local 1220 successfully pushed through a strong collective bargaining ordinance in Charlottesville that gave city workers, including those at CAT, the right to unionize for the first time.

This year, Local 1220 settled a landmark contract with the City of Charlottesville that will result in most members receiving raises of nearly 50% compared to what they had before joining the ATU.