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New Opportunities

As we welcome the arrival of a new season, we witness the power of new beginnings. We’re reminded that even in the darkness of winter, there is always the promise of growth. The same is true for the ATU. We become a better version of ourselves with every struggle and challenge. As we learn from our past, we embrace new opportunities to grow.


California Transit Works Partnership

As a leader in the transit industry, our Union has been given an amazing new opportunity to grow by expanding our partnership with California Transit Works (CTW) to administer nearly $10 million in grants for groundbreaking apprenticeship and peer mentorship programs across the state. We look forward to continuing our long and productive partnership with CTW by becoming a fiscal agent for these impactful grants. Our apprenticeship programs have changed our members’ lives, and I’m proud that our Union has been the industry leader in developing workforce development programs and now in this new role.


Strengthening Central Labor Councils

Another opportunity for our Union has been through the AFL-CIO Commission on Innovation to Strengthen State, Area, and Local Central Bodies, where I serve as a Commissioner. I was able to visit my home state’s New Jersey State AFL-CIO, as well as the Sacramento Central Labor Council and the North Carolina AFL-CIO, to see the incredible work they’re doing. Thank you to our IVPs and Local leaders who visited with us to do the critical work of modernizing these state federations and central labor councils so they can continue to support our Locals and the entire labor movement across the United States.


ATU Trainings Back In-Person

Since becoming International President of this great Union, I have made training ATU leaders and rank and file members a priority. I recognize that building a strong and powerful Union and labor movement requires members that will fight for dignity and justice every chance they get. That’s why I’m so proud to offer in-person training back at the ATU.

In March, we had our first New Officers’ training since the pandemic. I joined more than 65 Local Presidents/Business Agents and Financial-Secretaries in Washington, DC, for the week-long training and witnessed them learning new strategies to strengthen their Locals and empower our members.

We were also able to welcome back in-person Stewards training. I traveled to West Palm Beach, FL, and Atlantic City, NJ, to talk to members about the important role they play in building solidarity and protecting the rights and interests of our members. Both trainings were very informative, and our Atlantic City training was one of the largest in our history.

Each and every training is an opportunity for us to be together and grow as individuals and as a collective. Thank you to everyone who participated!


Thank you, Canada

Over the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to travel across Canada. Each trip was unique and purposeful.

My first trip was to present the donation that was spontaneously given by our members at our 60th International Convention when we found out about the on-the-job tragic passing of our Local 1572 Brother David Dongbo Zhu from Mississauga, ON. Your generous donations were then matched by the International. After they were collected, it was my honor to travel to Mississauga and present the check to Brother ZHU’s wife and sister to help their family due to the tragic loss. Thank you to everyone who contributed and gave our Brother’s family some relief in their time of need.

My second trip to Canada was for our Spring General Executive Board (GEB) meeting in Calgary to chart a course for our Union’s future. While there, I had the honor to visit with members of Local 583-Calgary, AB, and then traveled North to meet with members of Local 569-Edmonton, AB. It was amazing speaking with all of you and hearing about your experiences.


Conference Boards & Councils

ATU’s Conference Boards and Councils are integral to bringing our Locals together to fight for policy, legislation, elected leaders, and candidates that fight to advance transit and the rights of our members. That’s why I traveled to Michigan and California for their Legislative Conference Boards to witness the important work they’re doing.


Campaign to Combat Union-Busting Law in Florida

I also convened a meeting of our Florida Locals to unveil a strategy to combat the union-busting Florida Senate Bill 256, signed into law by anti-union Governor Ron DeSantis. The new law will require most public sector unions in the Sunshine State to maintain 60% dues payment rates or face decertification along with other anti-union provisions. This represents a significant threat to our Union and the foundations of a just and equitable society. At the lively meeting, our Locals were briefed about the impact of the law and presented with comprehensive strategies to push back against this attack on our members’ freedom of choice, association, and speech. Just like we pushed back on Janus, we are launching an all-out effort to ensure that our Union comes out stronger than ever after this blatant attack on our rights. We are ready to fight, and I know we will win again.


ATU Endorses Biden for Second Term

Early in 2020, our Union took the bold step of being among the first unions to endorse Joe Biden for President of the United States.  A longtime friend of the ATU and a champion of working people, we knew Joe was right for the job. Joe has delivered, leading us through the pandemic to an economic recovery, and passing the bipartisan Infrastructure Bill that is pouring billions of dollars into public transit, ensuring that all the new electric buses come with training requirements for our members, and creating critical new safety measures that will help protect our members and riders who have seen an epidemic of violence.

Joe’s lifelong dedication to public service and commitment to creating opportunities for all Americans is inspiring. His unwavering belief in the American people informs his approach to opportunity. He knows that America is home to some of the most hardworking and resilient people and has created policies and programs that harness this incredible potential.

These are just some of the many reasons the ATU, after a unanimous vote by our GEB, is proud to endorse Joe for a second term. Joe has earned the same opportunity he has given to so many. The opportunity to finish the job in his second term.

Thank you to everyone who contributed over the past amazing three months. To keep up with the hard work going on at the International, I encourage you to read our new Blog on our website.