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Let’s Do Something

Greetings Brothers, Sisters, and friends, I pray all is well for your families and you during these turbulent times!

Our Union comprises public workers and transit workers in the U.S. and Canada who provide essential services to the people in our countries. Our work provides a lifeline and contributes to individuals and communities daily. We should be proud of our work, and I applaud each of you for your commitment and dedication to your Local, our Union, and your communities!

We are faced with many undemocratic and often anti-union policies in both countries that are designed to take away our rights. In Canada, rigid party rules require Members of Parliament (MPs) to vote against their wishes and often the best wishes and interests of their constituents who elected them. If they choose to represent the wishes of their constituents rather than vote the party line, they risk expulsion from the party. In the states, while it may not lead to expulsion from the party, politicians are bullied into doing the same thing. In the U.S. elected officials in individual states have taken the attack on our democracy to another level by banning books, forcing teachers to not teach the actual history of our country, and taking away our voting rights. In recent years, more than 400 anti-voter bills have been introduced in 48 states. These bills erect unnecessary barriers for people to register to vote, vote by mail, or vote in person.


Educate Yourself

I am challenging you to educate yourselves and learn how these undemocratic attacks affect your community, family, you, and even our Union.

Although no politician is perfect and we don’t always agree on the resolution of critical issues. I believe the resolution of issues should be carried out in a democratic manner. Autocracy is when a ruler has absolute power. The ruling of a country, state, province, or city should be for the people and by the people.

Regardless of whom we support or where we stand on any given issue, we should exercise our right to participate in the process by canvassing, having discussions on important issues, and most importantly  voting.

In the upcoming political season please consider the candidates, referendum votes, and ballot initiatives that are best for your job, your community, your family, and our Union.

Let’s commit to “Each one teach one!” Let’s all become activists for democracy and justice!