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ATU Endorses President Joe Biden for Second Term as President of the United States

The General Executive Board of the ATU has endorsed Joe Biden for a second term as President of the United States. The endorsement comes after a unanimous vote of the GEB.


ATU Was Among First Unions to Endorse Biden in 2020

“In 2020, our Union took a bold step and was one of the first unions to endorse Joe Biden early in the Democratic Primary. We endorsed him because of his record on labor in the Senate and as Vice President. He’s been a true champion for working Americans throughout his long career and a friend to the ATU. We also knew Biden would restore integrity to the highest office in the U.S. We were right,” said ATU International President John Costa. “Joe has proven to be the most pro-labor President in U.S. history. The choice is clear, Joe Biden is the only one to lead this country for four more years.”

Leading us through a pandemic and an economic crisis, President Biden successfully fought for the bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, a once-in-a-generation investment into our nation’s infrastructure with critical safety measures for our members.

“When Joe Biden took office, our country was facing unprecedented crises, including the pandemic and an economic downturn. Joe led us through the pandemic, including passing the American Rescue Plan, an unprecedented $1.9 trillion package that helped combat the virus, and supercharged an economic recovery, including historic job growth and the lowest unemployment in decades,” Costa continued. “One thing is crystal clear throughout our nation’s politically divisive times, Joe has consistently stood for workers, public transit, and working families every step of the way.”


Historic Infrastructure Law

The historic Infrastructure law is now pouring billions of dollars into transit and ensuring that all the new electric buses come with training requirements for our members.

“Joe recognizes the struggles of our members and all working people,” Costa continued. “That’s why the Infrastructure law also created critical new safety measures that will help protect our members and riders who have seen an epidemic of violence and attacks on our nation’s public transit systems.”

Costa pledged to have our members out in full force to help elect President Biden to a second term.

“Joe Biden has more than earned a second term as President, and the ATU is proud to endorse him. Just like in 2020, the ATU will be out in full force across the country to mobilize our members to make history again and elect Joe Biden as President to finish the job,” Costa said.