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ATU Celebrates Women’s History Month

Once again, our Union celebrated Women’s History Month by recognizing our fierce ATU rank-and-file women members who are going above and beyond in their Locals, our Union, and their communities. This year’s honorees are:


Jeri Bromley, Local 265-San Jose, CA

A member of ATU Local 265-San Jose, CA, for 34 years, Sister Jeri Bromley is a Parts Foreperson for the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA). In her job, Sister Bromley has fought to keep our members’ work in house by working to fill parts positions with her fellow ATU members. The Department has almost doubled in size, creating a career path in maintenance for our members. Sister Bromley
also serves as the Director of the Local’s COPE Committee and serves as a delegate for the South Bay Labor Council, helping to get Labor and transit friendly politicians elected.


Denise Meyer, Local 569-Edmonton, AB

Local 569-Edmonton, AB, Sister Denise Meyer has been a Community Shuttle Operator at Edmonton Transit Service for more than a quarter century. Throughout her career, Sister Meyer has been involved with her Local serving as the Local’s elected Recording Secretary, and Chair of the Women’s Caucus for many years, including when Local 569 hosted the International Women’s Caucus Annual Conference. Also, Sister Meyer currently serves as one of the Local’s Workplace Harassment Councillors. In this capacity, she mediates disputes and complaints between members, successfully reaching accords that keep these members’ concerns out of management’s hands and out of their employment files. She also functions as the Recording Secretary for Local’s Council of Shop Stewards.


Colleen McCann, Local 1555-Oakland, CA

An Operator for the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) since 1990, Local 1555-Oakland, CA, Sister Colleen McCann has always been eager to get involved with her Local to help fight for the rights and dignity of her fellow ATU members. In 1993, she became a Shop Steward and then was elected as the Local’s Financial Secretary-Treasurer in 1993.  Sister McCann also played a key role in the Local’s successful 7-day strike in 1997. In 2002 she was elected Vice President, proudly serving on her Local’s first ever all-female Executive Board. After taking a term off, she was elected Vice President again in 2008. While Sister McCann recently retired, she plans to stay involved and active in her Local.


Tracy Hiebert, Local 1505-Winnipeg, MB

Local 1505-Winnipeg, MB, Sister Tracy Hiebert has been a Winnipeg Transit Bus Operator for five years. Sister Hiebert has quickly risen from the ranks to serve her fellow members in various capacities.  She began her journey by attending monthly union meetings to discover what was happening in the workplace and ways to get involved.  Sister Hiebert instantly connected with her fellow members, who asked her to participate in the Bylaws Committee, and since then, there has been no stopping her! Sister Hiebert has since served on the Local’s Election Bylaw Review Committee and Resolutions Committee and is currently an Alternate on the Health and Safety Committee.  She will be Co-Chair of a Women’s Committee that she and her fellow sisters are working on setting up. Sister Hiebert was trained to be an Active Peer Supporter in the Critical Incident Stress Management program, where she is available 24/7 to support her fellow members who have been through some sort of critical incident on the job.