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ATU Celebrates Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month

From their ancient traditions to their vibrant cultures, the Asian Pacific Islander community has brought so much to the world. For Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month we took the opportunity to learn more about the history of people of Asian Pacific Islander origin and celebrate their contributions to society. At the ATU, we recognize our rank and file members who are leaders in their Locals, our Union, and their community. This year’s honorees are:


Chander Mohan, Local 265-San Jose, CA

In 2016, Chander Mohan joined Local 265-San Jose, CA, as a Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Bus Operator and moved to VTA Light Rail as an Operator in 2017. Brother Mohan has always been active in his Local and showed incredible leadership after tragedy struck when 10 of his Local brothers were killed in the tragic VTA mass shooting in May 2021. He has always been there for his members through the good and bad times. As a Shop Steward, Brother Mohan works to ensure his fellow members’ rights and seniority are protected. He is very active on the Rules Committee for Rail at VTA. Brother Mohan is also involved in the Bay Area’s Labor movement serving as Delegate for the South Bay Labor Council. Recognizing the important role politics plays for his Local, Brother Mohan served as the Local’s COPE Committee Rail Representative, encouraging members to contribute to COPE, get involved in politics, and meet with elected officials to discuss critical issues impacting our members, transit, and the community.


Matthew Chau, Local 113, Toronto, ON

Brother Matthew Chau joined our Local 113-Toronto, ON, in 2014 as a Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Bus Operator after working in the food and beverage industry. Before joining the ATU, Brother Chau was very active in politics with the New Democratic Party, volunteering on over a dozen successful campaigns. He has brought that same enthusiasm as a newly elected member of the Local’s Executive Board and is already punching above his weight.  Brother Chau has continued his work to help political labour-friendly candidates get elected at the federal, provincial, and municipal level. Brother Chau has been involved in engaging new members and moving his Local to higher levels. He is also an active member in his community and is always willing to lend a hand. We thank Brother Chau for his commitment to our members, his Local, and our Union.


Tirlok Singh, Local 689-Washington, DC

Brother Tirlok Singh is a Local 689-Washington, DC, Bus Operator at Loudoun County Transit, managed by Keolis in Leesburg, Virginia. From the state of Punjab in India, Brother Singh started at Loudoun County Transit back in 2017 and has been a leader in the Local’s fight for a fair and decent contract ever since. For 69 days earlier this year, Singh walked the picket line every day and encouraged his fellow members to do the same because he saw how Keolis treated workers with disrespect and doesn’t value Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holders as they should. With inflation and healthcare costs rising, Brother Singh continues fighting with his brothers and sisters in Local 689 for fair wages, healthcare, retirement, and hourly guarantees. We thank Brother Singh for his commitment and dedication to his Local and our Union.