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International Vice President Robin West Retires

International Vice President Robin West announced his retirement, effective March 1, after 42 years as a dedicated and committed member of the ATU. 

“From his leadership at Local 508-Halifax, NS, to serving as Canadian Director to the countless contracts negotiated, to many successful organizing drives, including chartering Local 1767-Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Robin has over 42 years of distinguished service at our Union,” said International President John Costa. “While we will miss Robin, his retirement is well deserved.” 

West joined Local 508 as a Bus Operator for Halifax Transit in February 1979. He rose through the ranks of his Local, serving as Vice President for three years, Financial Secretary for six years, and eventually President/Business Agent for 4 terms. West was elected ATU Canadian Director in 2006, where among other achievements, he led a successful campaign to change the criminal code to stiffen the penalty for attacking a transit worker to aggravated assault. At the 2010 International Convention, West was elected International Vice President and continually re-elected to that position before retiring this March.