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The ATU was presente for the Cesar Chavez parade in San Francisco today

The ATU was presente for the Cesar Chavez parade in San Francisco today in a powerful symbol of solidarity and support for labor rights and social justice. International President Costa and International Executive Vice President Yvette Trujillo surprised our ATU Local members from across California by joining them for the march.
“I’m here to recognize the historic impact Cesar Chavez had on the labor movement,” said Costa to the ATU delegation. “For him, it was always about the people, about the community. We’re here to carry on his legacy and it’s an honor to be here with you, with the workers, to remind the world that we’re one ATU."
The Cesar Chavez parade, held annually in honor of the legendary civil rights and labor leader, brings together diverse communities to celebrate his legacy and the ongoing struggle for equality and fair treatment for all workers.
As the ATU marched through the streets of San Francisco, we proudly displayed our commitment to the principles championed by Cesar Chavez, including workers' rights, fair wages, and dignified working conditions. With our ATU banners waving and our voices raised, we amplified our message of unity and empowerment for transit workers and all those fighting for social and economic justice. Thank you to our California Locals who proudly represented our Union and the labor movement. Sí se puede!