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The ATU Midwest Conference Board met in Riverside, IA this past weekend

This past weekend, the ATU Midwest Conference Board met in Riverside, IA, bringing together more than 60 leaders from Locals across the region to talk about critical issues affecting our members, our Union, and our communities.
Among the critical issues discussed were legislative fights, contract battles, and the importance of elections. Attendees also heard a presentation on the epidemic of violence and attacks on our members and the recent Federal Transit Administration’s life-saving final rule regulations regarding Public Transportation Agency Safety Plans (PTASPs) that will empower our Locals to make our transit systems safer for our members, riders, and communities.
The Conference Board elected new officers, they are President Todd Strasser, Local 519- LaCrosse, WI, Vice President Reginald Howard, Local 788-St. Louis, MO, Secretary-Treasurer Florian Skwierczynski, Local 1310-Eau Claire, WI, Executive Board Member Eric Nelson, Local 1005-Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, and Executive Board Member Michael Brown, Local 998-Milwaukee, WI.
International Vice President Michelle Sommers and retired International Vice President Janis Borchardt attended the meeting. Thanks to all the Locals who attended.