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The ATU celebrates National Mentoring Month

Tammy Fields, ATU Local 788-St. Louis, MO

Tammy Fields joined Local 788-St. Louis, MO, as a Metro bus operator in 2013. When she started the job, she quickly learned that operating a publictransit bus isn’t just about driving a bus, it’s about dealing with riders, safety, and other challenges. Sister Fields was fortunate to learn fromher more experienced fellow Local 788 members the ins and out ofthe job. Having worked at Metro for more than 10 years, SisterFields wanted to take new bus operators under her wing to teachthem the skills she learned and decided to become a mentor.“I feel that I have the experience and knowledge to bea good mentor for other bus operators. I want to giveback what was given to me,” said Sister Fields.We applaud Sister Fields for her dedication toher Local and fellow bus operators.