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Day Two of 38th ATU International Women's Caucus

It was an impactful weekend in Las Vegas for the 38th ATU International Women’s Caucus Conference. Day two was just as inspiring as the first, as delegates showed up dressed in a sea of all white to show their solidarity and sisterhood and conduct the business of the Caucus.

nternational President John Costa and International Secretary-Treasurer Ken Kirk led a session on the importance of organizing to engage our members and grow our Union. “Organizing is the lifeblood of our Union. It is critical in mobilizing our Locals and their members to win strong contracts, organize new members, and face the new challenges - micro-transit, the transition to electric buses, privatization, and other issues - that lie ahead," Costa told attendees. “We need women on the frontlines of these fights because you’re powerful. Thank you for everything you do to make this Union and our world a better place.”

At lunch, International Executive Vice President Yvette Trujillo addressed the Caucus, focusing on the conference theme “Growing Together,” Trujillo spoke to attendees about the challenges of being a woman in the transit industry and labor movement and how women must stick together to continue to fight for equal treatment.

The day of business ended with Committee Reports and presentations from International Vice Presidents Michelle Sommers, Natalie Cruz, and Amanda Sawyer-Turner and a generous show of support with leaders and Locals contributing to the Caucus so they can continue their critical work. The Caucus also honored Betty Evans, a longtime Sargent of Arms for the International Women’s Caucus. Thank you to all our Women’s Caucus members for a great showing and for your passion and dedication to our Union!