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Labor was in the house today in Las Vegas, NV to support Senator Jacky Rosen’s re-election campaign

Labor was in the house today in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Culinary Workers Union Local 226 training center to support Senator Jacky Rosen’s re-election campaign. International President John Costa was on the ground along with leaders from across Vegas to ensure Senator Rosen goes back to Washington, DC, to represent the workers of the entertainment capital of the world, including our own ATU members.
“The ATU endorsed Jacky back in 2016 for Congress, and we were one of the first unions to do so, which was an honor,” said Costa. “When you decided to run for Senate in 2018, the ATU was there again. We know we have a friend in Jacky. She was one of the 18 Senators to sponsor our bill in Congress, our Transit Worker and Pedestrian Protection Act, which had safety protocols, and we appreciate that because every day, our drivers are being beaten up and even murdered. She also supports the ProAct and has a 100% voting record from the AFL-CIO. Labor can make a real difference in this race. This race is very important, we have to hold on to the Senate, and that’s why I’m out here, and that’s why we’re going to send Jacky Rosen back to Washington, DC!”
Labor leaders and members from the Culinary Workers Union, IBEW, SMART, Nevada State AFL-CIO, NALC, AFGE, and more, including our Local 1637-Las Vegas, NV, members are ready and fired up to get out the vote for Senator Rosen.
“The one thing about unions, I was a union member of Local 226, these union jobs are what built the middle class. It made a difference for me and my family and you make a difference in others lives every single day,” said Rosen. “Your voices and your vote matter. Your belief in me has kept me strong, and I am very, very grateful, and we’re going to do it again.”
Costa was joined by International Executive Vice President Yvette Trujillo and International Vice President Jim Lindsay to get out the vote. Thank you to the labor movement and our members who came out to support our champion in the Senate for the state of Nevada, Jacky Rosen!