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International President Costa Attends New England Conference Board Meeting and Shop Stewards Training in Connecticut

Today in Mystic, CT, ATU International is bringing together Locals from across the region for trainings and to discuss issues affecting our members, our Union, and our communities ahead of the ATU New England Joint Conference Board. More than a hundred Shop Stewards and Officers from 18 Locals are in attendance.
International President John Costa opened the training, thanking the Locals for their leadership and talking about the importance of training by the International to help prepare our Locals. “We’re going to see a lot of fights in the year ahead,” said Costa. “That’s why these Conference Boards and trainings are critical, and that’s why we’re going to bring even more of them to you. Together, with these new skills, we’re going to continue fighting for our members and winning.” Costa also discussed micro-transit and new technology, driver safety, and other issues important to our members.
Joining Costa at the meeting today were International Executive Vice President Yvette Trujillo and Conference Board Chair Jim Evers from Boston Carmen’s Local 589.