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Day Two of the Shop Stewards training held in Austin, TX

Mission accomplished! Over the last two days, ATU Shop Stewards from across Texas and Oklahoma learned the skills necessary to take their advocacy on behalf of our members to the next level. From grievance writing to getting more people involved to build power for our Union, our Shop Stewards are beyond prepared to inform workers about their rights and defend them on the job.
International President John Costa closed out the inspirational weekend. “You’re important to your Presidents and our members, and you’re important to this Union,” Costa told the Stewards. “In the South here, there’s a lot of organizing opportunities and you all are doing the work to strengthen our Union. We’re growing. Our numbers are up. The younger generation is also seeing that if you belong to the Union, you’re better off. I’m proud of you and I’m proud of this Union. You’re the backbone of this Union. Thank you for everything you do.”
International Vice President Yvette Trujillo, International Secretary-Treasurer Ken Kirk, and International Vice Presidents Art Aguilar and Ken Day were also on hand to lend their experience and expertise to the Stewards.
We extend our heartfelt thank you to Local 1091 and the city of Austin for hosting this amazing weekend of learning and growth!