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Day Two of the Shop Steward training in Washington, DC

Day Two of the Shop Steward training in Washington, DC, was another busy and informative day. The training focused on the legal rights of Shop Stewards, assertive grievance handling, building power with your Local along with an engaging, hands on grievance exercise.
With a mix of veteran and new Shop Stewards, attendees were able to exchange ideas and hold meaningful discussions with their fellow Shop Stewards to learn from each other to better prepare for the critical role of representing our members and our Locals.
The day concluded with an informative question and answer session with International President John Costa.
“As shop stewards, you must organize, strategize, and think outside the box,” ATU International President Costa told the attendees. “Thank you for attending this innovative training. Now you can take the skills and tactics you learned this weekend back to your Locals to fight for the rights of our members in the workplace. You make me proud to be a member of this great International Union.”
It was a valuable weekend of learning for our ATU Shop Stewards and we thank all those who attended this important training.