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IP John Costa chaired the International Transportation Learning Center (ITLC) Board Meeting

Today in Washington, DC, International President John Costa chaired the International Transportation Learning Center (ITLC) Board Meeting, where he led the board in discussions about the importance of transit workforce development, the industry transition to zero-emission buses and other new technology, the bus of the future initiative, mental health, ITLC research projects, the 2024 Making Connections Conference, and other issues impacting our members and the industry.

The ITLC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving public transportation at the national level and within communities, including investing in frontline technical workers. Through labor-management partnerships, cutting-edge research, and creating career ladder programs and pathways into public transportation, the ITLC facilitates, leads, and supports activities that benefit all public transportation stakeholders.
At the meeting, Costa was joined by Executive Vice President Yvette Trujillo, Director of Workforce Development and Apprenticeships Jamaine Gibson, and other ATU staff. ITLC Executive Director Jack Clark, Transportation Trades Department (TTD), AFL-CIO, President Greg Regan, Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen President Michael Baldwin, Introducing Youth to American Infrastructure, Inc, Founder Bev Scott, heads of transit systems across the country and others on the ITLC Board also attended.