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IP Costa Visits apprenticeship and mentorship programs at Local 1070-Indianapolis, IN

It was a busy day in Indianapolis, IN, as International President John Costa had the opportunity to see firsthand the successful apprenticeship and mentorship programs developed by our Local 1070 and IndyGo along with Ivy Tech Community College.
The day began with a meeting at IndyGo with Local 1070 President/Business Agent Roy Luster, Financial Secretary Rachel Hill, Local Apprenticeship Coordinator Deanna McCane, IndyGo Interim CEO Jennifer Pyrz, Local mentors and apprentices, and IndyGo staff.
“I heard about the great apprenticeship and mentorship programs here at IndyGo and wanted to come check them out. I’m impressed with the success here. I can see the pride and commitment. I can see how these programs are changing the lives of our members while helping to address the shortage of workers at IndyGo,” said Costa. “Your programs work because we are at the table to create them. Our members know the jobs better than anyone. These programs can serve as a model for our Locals and transit agencies across North America.”
Mayor Joe Hogsett came to welcome Costa to his city and spoke about the importance of reliable and affordable public transit and the important role our Local 1070, IndyGo, and our apprenticeship and mentorship programs play in their communities.
Next, Costa lead a spirited discussion with the Local’s mentors and apprentices about their trainings, the challenges on the job, and how the Local’s workforce development programs have advanced their careers.
Costa also had the opportunity to tour the IndyGo facility to meet with our members. First, he visited our bus operators in their breakroom. Then, he hit the maintenance facility and saw our apprentices and mentors working side by side.
The final stop was the Local Union hall for a wrap-up meeting with apprentices and mentors.
It was an inspiring day. Thank you to our Local 1070 for hosting us and helping our Union to continue to set the standard for apprenticeships and mentoring.