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Buenos Dias! Day Two of the ATU Latino Caucus.

Buenos Dias! Day two of the ATU Latino Caucus was an exciting day that began with another surprise award. This time, the Mentor Award was presented to International President John Costa for his tireless efforts to mentor the next generation of ATU leaders. Recounting his days at New Jersey Transit, Costa told members about his rise to the top. He reminded them, “Work hard, fight for our members, and anything is possible.” Costa, who has been attending the Latino Caucus since the 1990s, thanked our diverse members for making the ATU the strong and mighty Union it is today.

In another surprise, Caucus President Ismael Rivera and his wife, Myra Rivera, were honored with the Cesar Chavez Award, for all their work on behalf of the Latino Caucus and empowering our members. Other Caucus award recipients included Rudy Chavez Medina, nephew of Cesar Chavez, and Orlando Riley, Chair of the New Jersey State Council.
Also, congratulations to the new Local 1277-Los Angeles, CA, ATU Latino Caucus chapter that was brought by the members and approved by the Caucus.
In addition to the awards and the day’s business, Caucus members participated in ATU International’s Race and Labor training facilitated by Bianca Cunningham and introduced by Costa. “I’m glad that the Latino Board wanted this presentation and that we’re sponsoring it,” said Costa. “I want you to get involved. We have a diverse Union, we call each other sisters and brothers…But we’re not perfect, and the only way we’re going to get past racism is to start talking about it.”
Also attending the Caucus were International Secretary-Treasurer Ken Kirk, International Vice Presidents Jim Lindsay, Manny Sforza, Natalie Cruz, Ray Greaves, Steve MacDougall, and Art Aguilar.
Thank you to all our Latino Caucus members for being so passionate and dedicated to our Union and the work ahead. Until we meet again, adiós y nos vemos pronto!