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ATU’s New Officer Training kicked off in Washington, DC

Today, ATU’s New Officer Training kicked off with over 40 President/Business Agents and Financial Secretaries from Locals across North America coming together to learn the skills necessary to effectively run their Locals. The day started with members hearing from International President Costa, who spoke to the class about his experience as a new officer and how the International is there to support them. “When I became a new President at my Local 819, I wasn’t exactly sure what the role entailed, but worked with my Local Vice President to figure it out,” said Costa. “This critical training will help you learn the skills to best serve your members. The International is here to assist you and your Local, whether it’s legal, negotiations, workforce development, health and safety, or communications. This training is for you to be able to deliver for your members.”

Over the week, the Local leaders will hear from experts and staff on a wide variety of topics, including new strategies to strengthen their Locals and empower their members to get involved and prepare for the battles ahead. Secretary-Treasurer Ken Kirk and International Executive Vice President Yvette Trujillo were also there to greet the new officers at this innovative training. #ATUStrongerTogether