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ATU Washington State Legislative Council Meeting - Seattle, WA

This past Saturday, our Locals in the ATU Washington State Legislative Council met in Seattle WA, to discuss Important legislative issues impacting our Locals and members across the state.
Among the critical issues discussed were how the Council can play a key role in passing pro-transit, pro-worker legislation in the state, the growing trend of microtransit, safety for our members as violence on our transit systems increases, combating autonomous vehicles, preparing our members for the transition to electric buses, and the importance of the ATU-COPE program.

Thanks to all the Locals that attended this important meeting, including Local 587-Seattle, WA, Local 757-Portland, OR, Local 758-Tacoma, WA, Local 843-Bellingham, WA, Local 883- Everett, WA, Local 1015-Spokane, WA, Local 1598-Spokane, WA, and Local 1765-Olympia, WA. #ATUStrongerTogether