RT @atu732: Proving our point. At #SmartRail, @CEOMARTA admits he's improved service & savings by bringing jobs in house b/c contracting ou…

AJC column highlights how #MARTA chief rakes in $345,000 while a driver struggles to make ends meet http://t.co/lHHlJIUkya #1u #transit

RT @atu732: ATU to @CEOMARTA: Welcome to Charlotte. Now let's get back to Atlanta & get the job done! http://t.co/8iOIAc0MIc

RT @atu732: Want to talk absenteeism? Let's start w/ @CEOMARTA, who is MIA today, schmoozing at a conference in Charlotte http://t.co/xWB9P

RT @dallasaflcio: Corporate greed has got to go. Workers deserve a fair contract and wages @dartmedia #1u @TexasAFLCIO @AFLCIO http://t.co/…

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