Our Work

Members of the Amalgamated Transit Union perform jobs vital to the mobility of U.S. and Canadian citizens. And if you live in either of our two countries, it’s quite likely that you have relied on an ATU member to take you someplace you needed to go.

You may have encountered one of us when you got on a bus or light rail vehicle.  Whether you were going to work, or visiting a relative many miles away, at some point you likely counted on one of our ATU operators to provide safe and reliable transportation.

You could have been transported by an ATU member operating any one of several other modes of transportation including subwaystreetcarferry, or even something called the “incline” in Pittsburgh.

And, whether you knew it or not, you relied on ATU members you didn’t see - the professional mechanics and maintenance staff who made sure that the vehicle you rode in was clean and safe before your operator began his or her run.

It’s more than likely that an ATU member has provided transportation for someone you care about.  Maybe you know a senior or a disabled person who depends on an ATU paratransit driver to provide a critical lifeline to friends, family, church, or medical services.  Or, perhaps you entrust your son or daughter to one of our school bus drivers who carry what we call “our most precious cargo.”

Transporting the oldest, youngest, and most vulnerable among us requires an added measure of care and attention above and beyond the serious responsibility all of our members carry.

Other members of our Union – clerksbaggage handlers, and municipal employees – are just as important.  All of them provide invaluable public service which you have needed at some point in your life.

That’s not surprising, because every day, all over North America, we get people where they need to go, and get them back safely. This is what we do.  More than likely, sometime, we did it for you.