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Welcome to the Amalgamated Transit Unions Local officer resources page. Click on the titles below in order to review the information provided.

Workers' Memorial Day/National Day of Mourning Toolkit

The ATU joins millions of fellow workers and their families to mark April 28th Workers' Memorial Day in the U.S. and the National Day of Mourning in Canada. We dedicate this occasion to honor those who have tragically lost their lives on the job, and as a chance to prevent more deaths and injuries on the job.

In the last 13 years, at least 20 of our members died while at work and countless more have been attacked and injured.

The ATU is honoring their legacy by pushing for stronger safety measures for passengers, pedestrians and operators. In the U.S. we are calling for passage of the Transit Worker and Pedestrian Protection Act. We are also demanding transit agencies develop preventative bus operations safety programs and fund critical safety improvements for workers and riders. These include effective barriers shielding drivers, blind spot mitigation, and conflict de-escalation training.

To mark Workers' Memorial Day and the National Day of Mourning, we encourage U.S. Locals to set up meeting with their Members of Congress and our Canadian Locals to hold a vigil/press event with a moment of silence to remember our fallen ATU members and call for better protections for transit workers, riders and pedestrians. This could take place at a transit center or public space. Make sure the vigil/press event takes place on or before April 28th to coincide with the Workers' Memorial Day/the National Day of Mourning.

We have prepared materials to help you do this, including:

  • A vigil press release for U.S. Locals
  • A vigil press release for Canada Locals
  • A Lobby Day guide for U.S. Locals
  • A report remembering our fallen brothers and sisters
  • Visual materials commemorating the National Day of Mourning
  • Open My Eyes. Shield Me From Harm (PDF)

If you want help planning an event for the weekend of April 28th, please contact the Office of the President at officeofthepresident@atu.org. Additionally, please contact us if you know of any additional members killed on the job who are not mentioned in the attached materials.

ATU Training Materials

    •  401K-457-DC Retirement Plans (PDF)
    •  Conducting Local Union Elections (PDF)
    •  Grievance Handling (PDF)
    •  New Health Care Law (PDF)
    •  Officers and Executive Board Members Duties and Responsibilities (PDF)
    •  Organizing the Unorganized (PDF)
    •  Privatization (PDF)
    •  Roberts Rules (PDF)
    •  Section 13c (PDF)


Financial Secretary Resources

    •  Local Union Monthly Report (PDF)
    •  Instructions (PDF)
    •  Audit Report Form (PDF)
    •  Bank Statement Form (PDF)
    •  Salary and Expense Form (PDF)

Use of the forms requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not already have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, it can be downloaded for free at https://get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions/

To use the fillable forms:

  1. Save the fillable forms from the Int’l e-mail to your local hard drive (C:), or download them from the ATU.org website under Financial Secretary Resources section and save the fillable forms to your local hard drive (C:).
  2. Open the Adobe Acrobat Reader and open the saved fillable forms (File menu > Open).
  3. Input your local union’s financial information and save your work (File menu > Save As and give the forms a unique file name).
  4. Once all financial information is entered and accurate, print each form, attach the appropriate signatures, and print all additional schedules (itemized Other Receipts and Other Disbursements, etc.) and finalize for mailing to the International.


Additional Resources

Local officers will be able to find various resources such as the ATU Ritual Book, Sudden Death Overtime and Broome County Transit: Keep It Public Report.

    •  ATU Ritual Book  (PDF)
    •  ATU Ritual Book  -  French  (PDF)
    •  ATU Ritual Book  -  Spanish  (PDF)
    •  Sudden Death Overtime (PDF)
    •  Broome County Transit: Keep It Public Report (PDF)
    •  Ripped from the Headlines / Canada: Bus Drivers Under Attack (PDF)
    •  Ripped from the Headlines / United States: Bus Drivers Under Attack (PDF)


Additional Links

Contract Database  -  The ATU Database is accessible to current Local Union President/Business Agents and Financial Secretary/Business Agents only. All users must create a new account at ATUResearch.org

MUMS/2000 FAQ Video Lessons  -  Everything you need to know about MUMS/2000 in 23 video lessons. (Watch Online)