Stop Transit Worker Assaults

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In what job do you need to worry about being spit on, yelled at, punched or even stabbed while asking people for money. Drug dealer might come to mind. But certainly not transit bus driver unless you ask a bus driver.

Do a google search of bus driver attacks or transit workers assaults and countless stories will pop up.

“Spat on, slapped, sucker punched, OC Transpo drivers”

“Austin bus drivers says assaults are a concern”

“Baltimore Bus Driver Beaten And Bloodied

Transit workers are the only people who work in our communities and collect transit fares while trying to safely operating 40,000 pound vehicles and deal with crowded subways cars. Since 2008, transit fares have been going through the roof. Combine that with massive service cuts on 85% of our transit systems, and you have the ingredients for very angry passengers who often don’t want to pay fares. Those angry passengers often take it out on the face of the system – the transit workers.

In the past five years, we have seen a dramatic increase in the level and intensity of senseless attacks. Transit workers have been punched, slapped, stabbed, shot, and have had bodily fluids thrown upon them.

The impact on these individuals is clear. Broken eye sockets. Deep puncture wounds. The loss of certain bodily functions. And while broken bones heal with time, the emotional scars linger indefinitely.

After brutal attacks transit workers are constantly looking over their shoulder in paranoia, many cannot come back to work. For women who are victims of unspeakable sexual assaults on the vehicles, life is of course never the same again.

How can you help stop these vicious attacks on transit workers?

Click here to sign a petition calling on the Federal Transit Administration to take immediate action to stop attacks on transit workers

• Spread the word on Facebook by posting a photo with a sign reading #stoptransitattacks

• If you are a bus operator, transit worker or rider who has been attacked, share your video story on Facebook.