Latino Caucus

We exist to advance the principles and goals set forth in the Constitution and General Laws of the Amalgamated Transit Union. We must address the needs of all our members. We have formed to strengthen the A.T.U.'s resolve to fight discrimination of any kind by declaring the following:

  1. Full equality for Spanish language. We oppose all acts of discrimination on the job or in daily lives, or in recruitment, training, hiring and promotions on the job, in schools and communities.
  2. We uphold the rights of Latinos and any other persons to fully develop their cultural traditions.
  3. We welcome and encourage the A.T.U.'s support through education, training and other resources.

The Latino Caucus is open to any and everyone to join. Any member in good standing with the ATU may become a member.


Ismael Rivera (Local 1596) President
Luis Alzate (Local 1056) Vice President
Felix Avila Sr. (Local 1056) Treasurer
Yolanda Moreno (Local 1555) Recording Secretary

Mailing Address
231 E Colonial Dr Suite 100
Orlando FL 32801

Phone:  510.575.0288


Regional Representatives

Northeast Representative
Hector Perez (Local 1056)

Southeast Representative
Ramon Farfan (Local 1197)

Southwest Representative
Eddie Moreno (Local 1338)

Canadian Representative
Martha Martinez (Local 268)

Northwest Representative
Sergio Garcia (Local 757)

West Representative
Rachel Miranda (Local 1555)

Midwest Representative
J. Fernando LeBron (Local 308)

General Council
Marisol Hernandez