Education & Training

More than 8,000 members have taken part in the latest innovative ATU training programs for leaders and members.

Members are learning new strategies to empower members to get involved, make our locals stronger, and prepare for the battles ahead. The trainings also cover how to be an effective union member in a hostile work environment, strategies for bargaining, grievance training and methods to effectively build and maintain coalitions with riders, environmental, unions and social justice groups.

Training seminars include speakers and workshops which present a broad perspective of workers’ struggle for dignity and social justice. In addition, legislative updates on state and national issues, labor law and workers rights.

These programs are a vital step in engaging our membership and galvanizing our riders into a potent political force that will have an impact on local and national battles.

More are being scheduled; so don’t miss your opportunity to take part in these exciting trainings. Contact your local officers and tell them you want ATU training.

If you would like to view photos of members receiving training at the Tommy Douglas Conference Center and throughout the United States and Canada click here.