ATU Scholarships 2016-2017

In memory of Arthur Burke and Angus MacFarlane

The 2016-2017 scholarships honor retired International Vice Presidents Arthur Burke and Angus MacFarlane.

Arthur Burke

Retired International Vice President Arthur Burke, 92, passed away January 27, 2015. Brother Burke fought with the Royal Canadian Dragoons in Europe in WWII. He was wounded in Italy, but returned to his regiment. He found work as a Grey Coach Lines driver, after his discharge in 1945, and served in several elected positions with Local 113-Toronto, ON. He was appointed IVP in 1971, and was elected and reelected to that position until his retirement in 1983. His always cheerful and supportive presence will be missed.

Angus MacFarlane

Retired International Vice President Angus MacFarlane, 76, passed away October 19, 2013. He was first employed in the transit industry as an operator in 1959, after service in the Canadian armed forces. He served Local 113-Toronto, ON, as shop steward from 1964 to 1966, became an executive board member in 1967, and was elected business agent in 1977. MacFarlane became an international representative and, then, international vice president in 1983. He retired in 1992.

Scholarship Application (PDF)
Scholarship Rules (PDF)