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Mar 4

Vision Zero Webinar Reveals Hazardous Transit Bus Blind Spots

Wednesday, March 9, at 7 pm ET


Roughly one pedestrian is killed every 10 days in America due to the dangerous blind spots built into today’s buses that obstruct drivers’ view of intersections. The Amalgamated Transit Union will premier Vision Zeroa webinar on hazardous bus design and pedestrian crosswalk accidents – which will be live-streamed for first time on Wednesday,
March 9, at 7 pm ET.

The webinar is open to the public. Those wishing to participate should go to the registration site, fill in event number 665 107 378, click on the “Register” link and complete the registration form.

A dramatic video included in the webinar will reveal the hidden danger that wide “A” pillars (which connect the windshield to the driver’s side window) and poorly placed side mirrors pose to the public.

The transit industry continues to ignore this problem and unfairly prosecutes bus drivers for accidents that could have been prevented by simple and inexpensive changes in bus design.

ATU Safety Specialist Brian Sherlock will discuss how this irresponsible pillar and mirror placement make these fatal pedestrian accidents inevitable. He will also show how European buses are designed to eliminate this dangerous blind spot.

ATU will show “Vision Zero” again in the future for
those who will not be able to see it March 9.

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