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Nov 27

Unfair Labor Practice Strike by Transdev Workers at Fairfax Connector as Early as Dec. 1

Strike could seriously disrupt region as Local 689 Transdev workers’ strike at Cinder Bed Road Bus Garage reaches 35 days

Fairfax, VA  As a result of Fairfax Connector contractor Transdev’s unfair labor practices and bad faith bargaining with ATU Local 1764, Fairfax Connector workers have begun preparations for a strike.

“We remain committed to negotiating with Transdev to reach a fair and just contract, but the company’s unfair labor practices have pushed our members to the brink,” said ATU International President John Costa. “We aren’t eager to strike, but we want our riders to know that Transdev’s actions have significantly increased the likelihood that we will have to walk off the job sometime next week. We encourage riders to prepare to find alternatives after holidays.”

Costa linked the fight at Fairfax Connector to the ongoing strike at a nearby Metrobus garage. “Transdev is demonstrating the same blatant disregard for their riders and their workers at Fairfax Connector as they have with our Local 689 sisters and brothers at Cinder Bed Road Bus Garage, who have now been on strike for 35 days,” Costa said.

The National Labor Relations Board is currently investigating 32 separate allegations that Transdev violated federal labor law by failing to bargain in good faith with Local 1764.  “This is about the lawlessness and complete disregard of Transdev for federal labor law and these workers,” Costa continued. “That’s why these workers are considering walking off the job.”

Earlier this month the more than 600 members of Local 1764 at Fairfax Connector overwhelmingly voted to authorize a strike over unfair labor practices by the French-based multinational employer.

“It’s time for Fairfax Connector and WMATA to fire Transdev,” Costa continued. “Their union-busting tactics have now led to the biggest transit strike in the capital region in more than 41 years, and it may grow to impact hundreds of thousands of additional commuters.  Transdev pursues profit at the expense of workers, riders, and the communities they exploit. It’s time to show them the door and kick them out of the DMV.”